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About Seniors Home
SIES Seniors Home

SIES Seniors Home for the Aged is an expression of the commitment of the society

  1. To provide love and dignity to the residual life of elders who by force of nature, circumstances and emergence of nuclear families have been rendered lonely desolate and even destitute.
  2. To profoundly enhance the dignity of the lives of elderly persons entrusted to our care by giving access to facilities as well as providing human care promoting independence and giving spiritual emotional, physical and financial reach, comfort and dignity.
A plot of education land admeasuring 2850 sq. meters situated at Nerul, Navi Mumbai that is equipped with 28 studio apartments, along with a meditation centre, prayer hall, dispensary, temple and a recreation centre. The Seniors Home primarily looks after retired teachers of the country and others who have contributed to the cause of education.
  1. Assisted living on SIES Seniors Home is for those who value their independence but require assistance with some activities of daily living. Our ongoing commitment is to provide liberal services that forges Independence and a sense of  community.
SIES – Seniors Home (SH) would enlist three categories of seniors into its home.
1. Those who would donate to the corpus of SIES-SH equivalent to the proportionate cost of their dwelling unit or any part thereof as may be fixed from time to time by the board of management of SIES-SH and would also defray hundred percent of the monthly cost of boarding and other services provided by SIES-SH, hereinafter called ‘The Paying Inmates’.
2. Those who would pay hundred percent of the monthly cost of boarding and other services provided by SIES-SH, and such deposit towards monthly charges are determined by SIES-SH hereinafter called ‘Ordinary Inmates’.
3. Those who are admitted to SIES-SH on a gratuitous basis, hereinafter called ‘The Free Inmates’.
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